We are very excited to announce our partnership with @smallchangefund 💚

Small Change Fund is a non-for profit organization that works towards aiding other non for profits within Canada through crowdsourced funding.

They work towards the goals of positive environmental change, public education, uplifting marginalized voices, and generally working towards building a better future for Canadians.

They also have a few of their own projects that they run including their “Un-Flood Ontario Program” and their “Ontario Indigenous Youth Partnership Program”.

Please check their website for more information 💚

April is Earth Month!

GreenUR is excited to announce a new relationship with Credit Valley Conservation’s (CVC) youth Volunteer Programs: Frontline and Conservation Youth Corps (CYC).

This year, 2021, Frontline high school volunteers have been learning about the environmental impacts of microplastics and taking action at-home and virtually to reduce plastic waste and usage.

Similar to GreenUR, each summer CYC engages high school youth in experiential learning on a variety of different topics including invasive species removal, aquatic ecosystems, bird migration, tree maintenance, and more! To register and for more information, please visit their website.

We are also excited to announce GreenUR has been featured in the April, 2021 Frontline newsletter! Please have a look! 

GreenUR is proud to announce our partnership with Carbon Conscious, a carbon offset company with a mission to educate others about their carbon footprint while offering a solution through tree planting and reforestation initiatives. 

Their three step process of Education, Facilitation, and Remediation provides a well-rounded business model that will help forge a way to a more sustainable and carbon neutral future. 

Their Reforestation Carbon Offset packages are offered both to businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint and help the planet. Payments can occur on a one-time basis, or a recurring donation plan. 

Please send them an email if you are interested in learning more.

GreenUR is excited to announce our partnership with Ecolibrium shop! 

They are an eco-store dedicated to providing plastic free household items including toothbrushes, wax wraps for food, mesh grocery bags, and more! Proceed from every sale are donated towards eco-conservation causes such as the Nature Conservancy, Planet Caretakers, and the Clean Air Task Force.

Use discount count GreenUR and receive 20% coupon on all your purchases at Ecolibrium Shop!

The Great North is a Bluesign certified Canadian-based sustainable fashion brand the manufactures activewear, swimwear, casual outdoor clothing, blankets, and more. Their clothing is hand-made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled plastic. Their mailers are 100% compostable and only use recycled paper and recycled cardboard. 

All “The Great North” Factories and Facilities are powered using solar energy and their in-house filtration uses 7x less water which equates to less water wasted. They are dedicated to implementing fair, equitable, and cruelty free standards in all of their clothing manufacturing facilities and branding. 

10% of their profit goes towards:

  • Planting trees & preserving our lands
  • Removing garbage from our oceans
  • Contributing to a sustainable environment

Get 30% at their store by using the code: GreenUR