May’s Volunteer of the Month (VOTM) is Shawn Mutete! Thank you for all of your hard work! Learn a bit about him below and see his work in the past month. If you want to be June’s VOTM, consider participating in our Research & Innovation Campaign!

Shawn has been an active member of GreenUR, and we want to congratulate him for his hard work and continued support. He’s been on top of post-workshop activities, and his work has been featured on our Instagram page! 

See what he has to say below:

“My name is Shawn Mutete. I currently attend Streetsville Secondary School. Some of my hobbies are playing basketball, reading, playing chess, playing soccer (playing basically any sport), hanging with friends, anime, shows, etc. I love playing basketball because it’s my favourite sport, and I’m actually on my school team. My favourite subject is English because I love reading and writing so things come easy when I’m writing an essay, or reading a text, or answering questions. Some of my goals are: to get better at basketball and improve my game, continue to do good in school, and ultimately graduate high school. My long-term goals are unclear right now as I’m still not clear about what I want to pursue in life. Thanks for reading!”

Thank you Shawn for your hard work, and we can’t wait to see more from you in the future!

Shawn's E-Waste Powerpoint

April's Volunteer of the Month - Azhar Dilmamode

With the conclusion of our final E in Waste workshop, we’ve chosen a student who’s provided exemplary work throughout the past month to be April’s recipient of VOTM. His consistency with volunteering, and the improvements with each successive work submitted makes him an honorary GreenUR volunteer. Here are some words from Azhar:

Hi there!

I am really happy to hear that I became April’s Volunteer of the Month! I’m just another rookie video game artist practicing to hopefully be a more competent developer despite the fact that I want to become a marine biologist – the career which has the least to do with coding… Kinda funny how that works out in the end huh?

We wish you could volunteer with us forever Azhar, but in all seriousness we can’t wait to see where your creativity takes you next. Keep up the amazing work!

You can play the following game here.

Azhar's Lights Out Video Game Creation

March's Volunteer of the Month - Justin Law

Another month has gone by, and we have another volunteer we want to shout out! We love highlighting our volunteers and their dedication to GreenUR. This month we want to appreciate Justin Lau for all of his hard work. Here are some words from Justin:

“Hello, my name is Justin Lau and I am a Grade 9 student at St. Augustine Catholic High School. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports. I also love helping others. Thank you Green Urban Revitalization for the volunteering opportunity and I hope people’s habits can be impacted by the theme of this program and help preserve the environment and the world that God gives us.”

Thank you Justin, keep up the great work! We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish.

Justin's E-Waste Poster

February's First Volunteer of the Month - Ellie Chan

Here at GreenUR, we love seeing our students flourish and our first volunteer of the month for February doesn’t fall short! It’s Ellie Chan! Below are some words from Ellie:

“Hey there! My name is Ellie Chan and I am a 9th grader attending Markville Secondary School. In my free time, I like to dance, swim, play piano, do calligraphy, and of course volunteer! Volunteering gives me the chance to help a lot of people, and it makes me feel thankful for what I have.”

We appreciate you so much Ellie! Keep flourishing 🙂

Ellie's Food Insecurity Poster and Food Drive

February's Second Volunteer of the Month - Emily Yuan

And since our students keep blowing us away with their dedication and hard work, we couldn’t just pick one volunteer of the month! Our second volunteer of the month is Emily Yuan! Here’s a little bit about Emily:

“Hi everyone! My name is Emily Yuan and I’m a grade 9 student in Richmond Hill, Ontario. I love playing piano and violin, baking and reading, and I am also very passionate about preserving the environment to obtain a cleaner, fairer, and better future. I really hope to continue making meaningful differences in my community and the world!”

We appreciate you so much Emily and we love helping you make a difference 🙂

Emily's Food Drive Poster and Event