Board of Directors

Nnenna Uboma:
Director of Financial and Curriculum Oversight

Nnenna’s work at Scotiabank is to help the company make
sense of information they gather and be prepared for the rainy
days. It’s a fun task and she will be doing the same at GreenUR.
One fun fact about her is that she dances without knowing the
artist or the lyrics!

Rami Bazzi:
Director of Marketing and Finance

Rami Bazzi works in the investment field. He enjoys working
with organizations to ensure their continuity and success. He’s
passionate about learning new things, enjoys nature, skiing
and travelling to new places.

Sharan Raghubir:
Director of Education and Curriculum Building

Sharan trained as a teacher but ended up joining the
pharmaceutical industry and travelling the world. He looks
forward to seeing more of the planet once Covid-19 is beaten.
In the meantime, he is happy to work with GreenUR on one of
the pressing issues of our time.