Courage My Love is a thrift store based in Toronto, Ontario on Kensington Ave. They sell everything from pre-loved clothing and shoes, to jewelry and tea sets. This family-run store is perfect for students on a budget, or anyone trying to find a unique item to make their wardrobe pop. An excellent way to keep textile wastes out of landfills and move away from Fast Fashion.

Public Butter is a thrift store located on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario that sells pre-loved clothes and shoes with a vintage aesthetic as well as one-of-a-kind home decor and furniture as well as bicycles at affordable prices. This is the sister store to Black Market Vintage, also located in Toronto. 

Le Prix is a thrift store in Kitchener, Ontario that sells pre-loved clothing, shoes, jewelry and home decor and values female empowerment, environmental sustainability, and a desire to make the world a better, greener place. Their website features an Eco-Impact chart from ThredUP that details if every single person bought one used item instead of new, what their energy saving, water reduction, carbon reduction, and waste saving impact would be.

ThredUp is an online thrift store with the mission to modernize the thrifting industry and extend the life cycle of clothing and textiles in an effort to reduce waste and move away from Fast Fashion. With their innovation to the concept of a circular economy transitioned to the online sphere, ThredUp is changing the world one garment at a time. They are also dedicated to educating people about textile waste through their Fashion Footprint Calculator, their publicly published Annual Resale Report, their Clothing Lifecycle Study.

Poshmark is an online thrift store that allows both for the buying and selling of pre-loved clothing. They promote an easy 3 step system for selling used items: 1) list it, 2) share it, 3) earn cash. You can also download their mobile app and thrift on the go! is an online thrift store that encourages the social redirection away from Fast Fashion and promotes recycled and reused clothes to keep them out of landfills. Each item is up to 90% off regular retail pricing and they offer a 30-day no-hassle return guarantee if the clothing does not fit or is no longer to your taste.