Learn more about the amazing people on our team below.

Megan Halferty

Founder & Project Manager

“I enjoy outdoor adventures and watching Schitt’s Creek on repeat!” 

Marissa Di Taranto

Administrative Assistant

“I work a lot, but on my off days I love to play with my husky.”

Anninthika Saravanabavan

Fundraising Coordinator 

“90% of the time you’ll see me developing my scientific knowledge, but the last 10% I’ll most certainly be watching Suits and playing Super Mario at the same time!”

Harshil Ahir

Financial Researcher

“I’m a student at Western University studying financial economics. I’m all about everything soccer and mma. I find environmental sustainability interesting and believe that we all should pursue a sustainable future.”

Kenny Nguyen

Senior Communications Officer

“To sum me up: avid tennis fan eagerly awaiting Taylor Swift’s re-recordings <3.”

Alicia Advincula

Communications Assistant

“Right now, with spending more time at home I have been enjoying going on short winter walks to breathe fresh air, dog watch, and get some exercise. I have also been enjoying watching Star Trek: The New Generation on Netflix. I am very passionate about the environment, specifically sustainability, and what we can do as communities to protect our Earth.”

Christina Sulaiman


Hi, My name is Christina.

Sevda Laghayi


“I graduated from Trent University with an Environmental Resource Science degree and have a great passion for conservation nd sustainability. I am very excited to bring knowledge and awareness around waste management though an engaging learning environment under GreenUR”

Sapna Jain

Events Facilitator 

“I am very passionate about promoting environmental awareness and initiatives amongst youth. I have been working with students for the last 8 years in a variety of different areas such as school subject matter, personal development and professional training. I enjoy teaching, facilitation, and event management. I look forward to working with students and making our network and outreach even bigger.”

Suwayda Sheikh-Mohamed

Events Facilitator 

“I am the human embodiment of organized chaos!” I love all things journalling, reading and getting to know other people, but I also do love my personal time. My comfort shows are definitely Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy, but over quarantine I have also become a Vampire Diaries fan. Can’t wait to connect with everyone!”