Patagonia is a Certified B Corporation and Fair Trade Certified Company that produces outdoor clothes at a mid-price range. They are committed to engaging in environmental activism and anti-racist efforts in their clothing production and external organizational support and funding. 

Pact is a GOTS Certified and Fair Trade Certified sustainable clothing and textiles company that produces clothing and bedding made from organic cotton and sells them at a low price. They offer carbon-offset shipping and use 100% recycled paper and plastic packaging materials that are biodegradable.

Eileen Fisher is a Certified B Corporation and Fair Trade Certified Company that produces and sells sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their “Waste No More” take-back initiative promotes a circular production style to recycle used clothes and materials to reduce textile waste. They also use Bluesign Certified organic fibres and non-chemical textile dyes.

Sézane is a clothing production company originating in Paris, France that is dedicated to rebranding its image and producing sustainable, eco-friendly clothing and accessories. To date 3/4 of Sézane’s materials are eco-friendly and more than half of their apparel is GOTS Certified. Their Philanthropic program Demain has raised over 4 million euros in support of equal opportunity education for children around the world, by donating 10% of their daily sales globally to organizations such as “La Voix De L’Enfant”,“Démos”, and “Sports Dans La Ville”

KOTN is a Certified B Corporation that produces and sells clothing and bedding made from organic cotton at low prices. They are dedicated to providing safe, fair, and equitable labour standards with equal pay for men and women, as well as promoting and funding equal opportunity education for girls in their farming communities in the Nile Delta, Egypt.

Ten Tree is a Certified B Corporation designed in Canada that produces and sells sustainable clothing at mid-range prices made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and TENCEL. With each item purchased from Ten Tree, 10 trees are planted. To date, over 56 million trees have been planted in Madagascar, Indonesia, Senegal, Nepal, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Brazil, and Kenya. They are also dedicated to ethical and humane manufacturing practices and put their workers’ needs as the top priority.

Levi’s is a primarily denim producing company that is transparent in its efforts of working towards transforming its manufacturing process to become more sustainable. They have introduced the Wellthread principles of circular product lifestyles, ethical conditions for factory workers, prioritization of environmental and material conservation, and producing durable long-lasting products into their core company values. Also with their innovation of cottonized hemp, and Water<Less technology Levi’s is saving water and reducing waste in the production of their clothing. By 2025 they hope to meet their goal of 100% sustainably sourced cotton, and 100% renewable energy in owned and operating facilities.

Encircled is a Certified B Corporation and OEKO-TEX Certified Slow Fashion company born in Canada and Managed, Manufactured, and Run by women. The factories are located less than 60km from the Toronto studio to maintain regular oversight and ensure the ethical and fair labour conditions and payment of all factory workers. Their products are made of sustainable materials such as MODAL, TENCEL, Rayon from Bamboo, Organic Cotton, and Linen.

Tradlands is a slow fashion small business that values creating durable and sustainable clothes from consciously sourced fabrics and responsible manufacturing practices. Their “Worn Well” buy, sell, and exchange program is taking the first bold steps towards a circular economy in the fashion industry and reducing waste through the recycling, repurposing, rewearing, and reselling of pre-loved clothes.

Outerknown is an FLA Accredited, Bluesign Certified, Fair Trade Certified, sustainable outdoor, and casual everyday fashion company that values transparency and honesty. 90% of their fabrics are recycled, regenerated, or organically sourced. Many of their clothes are created through recycled and repurposed ocean waste such as their ECONYL swimwear made by transforming fishing nets into Nylon, and their Ocean Plastic Buttons.

Kindom is a size and gender-inclusive slow fashion small business that focuses on sustainable, natural, recycled, and indigenous materials to create and upcycle clothes in ethical, safe, fair, and equitable working environments. some of their materials include bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL, and Recycled Polyester, linen, silk, and hand-made items from indigenous communities. 

Allbirds is an FSC certified sustainable clothing and shoe company that uses materials such as recycled cardboard, recycled plastics, sugar, wool, Trino, and castor bean oil to make soft, ethical, and low waste products. They are transparent in their efforts to offset their carbon footprint and encourage other businesses to do the same. Some of their carbon offset measures include sponsoring NativeEnergy‘s development of wind energy, “Northern Great Plains Regenerative Grazing Project“, and Sichuan’s Clean Cooking Alliance in China to aid in efforts towards cleaner air and fewer emissions.

Reformation is an ethical and sustainable clothing manufacturing company that values and maintains transparency in its carbon reduction, waste reduction, and water-saving efforts by using the RefScale standards and publicly posting, annual sustainability reports on its website. By the end of 2020 Reformation hopes to receive its official Carbon Neutral Certification. 100% of their electricity offsets come from renewable wind energy, and over 75% of their waste is recycled with their next milestone being 100% recycled waste. All of their textiles are Bluesign certified and OEKO-TEX certified.

Haus Dahlia is a London, England-based slow fashion small business. Born out of the 2020 COVID lockdown by two fashion-oriented university students with a passion for sustainability, inclusivity, and the social move away from fast fashion. Each item is made to measure, and customers can save their body measurements on their personal Haus Dahlia account for inclusive and accessible clothing that can fit everyone’s needs and wants. All fabrics are sourced within the UK from GOTS certified mills and closed-looped factories. They also use compostable packaging.

Re_considered is a London, England-based slow fashion and upcycling small business that creates one-of-a-kind items by refurbishing pre-loved clothes with a mission to encourage reduced consumerism and a transition away from the Fast Fashion Industry. All fabrics and textiles are sourced from second-hand stores and clothing donations, which ties into their goal of creating a circular economy involving rewearing and reworking old items. All packaging and labelling materials are made from recycled paper or cardboard. Their Upcycling Service allows UK-based customers to connect directly with Re_considered designers to upcycle unworn items of their wardrobe into something brand new.

Alohas is a sustainable shoe company that is dedicated to low waste production and responsible consumerism. Their carbon offset feature allows customers to pay a couple of extra euros upon check out to reduce the overall carbon footprint of their e-commerce production, shopping, and shipping. This extra money can be given towards an active project of the customers choice including Native Forest Regeneration, or International Renewable Energy Projects. Local shoe manufacturing ensures a reduced carbon footprint and frequent oversight of safe, fair and equitable labour conditions. Their materials are provided by the Leather Working Groupmeaning that all leather meets a world-renowned certification for sustainable materials, as well as helping to improve the environmental impacts of the leather and adhering to environmental best practices.

Good For Sunday is a GOTS Certified Canadian Clothing store that adheres to the Verified Carbon Standard and the Pachama Carbon Offset Protocols and Standards making them environmentally sustainable and ethical in every aspect of their branding, from production and manufacturing all the way to selling and shipping. 100% of their products are made in Canada, meaning no sweatshops, humane employment, and ethical labour standards. All textile dyes are made with nontoxic chemicals, and upwards of 50% of their textile wastes are recycled. 100% of packaging used is compostable or recyclable contributing to their environmental standards and waste reducing business model. 

Frank and Oak is a Certified B Corp Canadian clothing company that values Sustainability, Transparency, and Functionality. Their 5 main goals for waste reduction, carbon reduction, and environmental sustainability are 1) removing virgin plastic from their supply chain, 2) removing virgin polyester from their supply chain, 3) implementing more carbon offset programs especially focusing on reforestation, 4) raising awareness about renewable energies, and 5) encouraging the move towards zero waste both inside and outside of their business. Their Give a Shi(r)t initiative in Canada helps to reduce textile waste by collaborating with their certified partner organization Earth Day Canada to encourage textile donations and clothing recycling to support communities in need. Their sustainable materials include hemp, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, LENZING viscose, sugarcane paper, and much more!

Wolven Threads is a Climate Neutral Certified Los Angeles-based Sustainable Athleticwear company. Their clothing is OEKO-TEX Recycled Certified and is made from thread woven from BPA free plastic bottles. They package their clothes in either 100% recycled mailers or biodegradable packaging. All activewear and swimwear is ethically made in China in accordance with their WPA certified standards for wages, labour, work hours, health, safety, and environmental practices with an 87% facility score. Wolven also values body positivity, female empowerment, and diversity. 

Cariuma is a Forbes-recognized Brazilian shoe company dedicated to Environmental Sustainability and reforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest. Materials used include FSC, OEKO-TEX, and OCIA certified bamboo, Natural Rubber, organic cotton, sugarcane, cork, mamona oil, LWG certified leather and suede, recycled PET, Bluesign certified textile dyes, and recycled and recyclable packaging paper. Currently, 43% of their products are 100% vegan. Cariuma also strives to recycle and reuse any excess materials in the shoe-making process to reduce waste. With each pair of shoes ordered, 10 trees are planted helping to make their shipping carbon neutral.

The Terra Collective is an Australian-based slow fashion small business run by Tracy and Nicole – the Mother/Daughter Dynamic Duo – with a mission to bring awareness of our impact on the earth as humans and promoting responsible and ethical production and consumerism of textiles. Their partnership with noissue provides them with sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. Also, 5% of their profits are given back to various organizations and charities. Their Made to Order business model helps to reduce textile wastes that would occur in a “bulk production” model.

Rent the Runway is a clothing rental website that helps to reduce both our carbon footprint and slow down the accumulation of textile waste by moving away from Fast Fashion and towards Alternative Fashion. They have a monthly membership which includes an unlimited wardrobe selection from Designer brands. Rent outfits for special occasions, casual wear, and everything in between!

Vivaia is a sustainable shoe company in the USA that uses 3D Knit technology to virtually style and design shoes that will be the perfect fit for each unique customer thereby reducing waste. They use eco-friendly materials such as Natural Latex Foam, ethically farmed wool, Vegan Leather, recycled plastic, Natural Rubber, and Artemisia Argyi Herbal textile dyes. Vivaia also packages all their products in 90% recycled cardboard.

Kovered is a sustainable small business based in the United Kingdom that creates messenger bags and backpacks. By producing in small batches, Kovered upholds their commitment of a low-waste business style. All packaging is made of 100% recycled paper. Their partnership with E-forests and local farms ensures that a tree is planted for every 25 items sold and they are always open to new and creative ideas on how to increase and expand their tree planting initiative. Their materials include; reclaimed leather, recycled cotton, and brass hardware. 

The Green Way is a Carbon-Neutral, Eco-Conscious and sustainable store dedicated to providing accessible plastic free alternatives for every day items in the home with an emphasis on supporting Canadian-made and Woman-owned companies. Items include kitchenware, cosmetics, cleaning products, and more. Most products are found and sourced from a variety of trusted North American brands. A percentage of all profits are given to Oceana Canada, a charity established to restore the health of Canada’s oceans.

Gwyneth’s Soaps and Such is a Vegan, Cruelty free, and sustainable small business that makes candles, soaps, lip balms, and cream deodorants. She also has a recycling program where customers can bring back their jars and tins to be cleaned and reused, receive $1 credit for the returned item, and reduce waste along the way. All products are also wrapped in paper packaging. 

Pela is an eco-friendly and sustainable company with a variety of subsets including PelaCase and PelaVision specializing in phone cases and glasses respectively. All their products are biodegradable and compostable. Producing 25% less carbon emissions, using 35% less water, and producing 70% less waste, Pela is upholding standards of earth stewardship and sustainability in their business model. While creating biodegradable products, Pela is also creating a closed-loop system to prevent plastic waste by upcycling or recycling your plastic phone cases and glasses frames with their Pela 360 program. Simply order your Pela product, and slip your old Pela product or conventional plastic product into their Tradesies envelope, and send it back to Pela. Pela Vision also creates Blue Vision glasses as well as their sun glasses to protect your eyes from your computer and phone screens in eco-style! 

Sand Cloud is a sustainable towels, bedding, clothing, and accessories store that gives 10% of their profit toward marine conservation. They out as a towel designing company dedicated to creating softer, less bulky, and sand-resistant towels, and became sponsored by Shark Tank, started a Kickstarter campaign, and have now grown into a larger and more sustainable clothing and accessories company with the drive to #SaveTheFishies. Their towels are made of Turkish cotton which is softer, more durable, and more absorbent than regular cotton. 

Scorpion Fit is a New, Sustainable Black-Owned, Sustainable Activewear Brand! We are excited for their launch in June 2021! Please visit their website for exclusive launch deals and join the VIP waitlist! 

Project Honey Bees is a sustainable jewelry shop run by Greta and Bentley Schmidt with the mission to save the bees! They are partnered with, a 100% non-profit , 501 (c)3 charitable organization who provides Project Honey bees with the bee adoption program. Proceeds of each purchase will be donated to and will contribute to the creation of new hives, protection, and the support of current honeybee colonies, education of communities, and inspiring urban beekeepers! Every purchase adopts a unique bee, and you’ll get a certificate of adoption, learn the bee’s name, and receive pictures of your bee!

Unwrapped is an eco-store that proudly offers sustainable, environmentally-friendly products to several locations around the Kawartha Lakes region in Ontario, Canada including: Lindsay, Fenelon Falls. Their products include kitchen wares, bathroom supplies, personal hygiene products, and childcare products. Their bulk section includes bath products, soaps, detergents, and general cleaning products. They also offer Terracycle Zero Waste Boxes to our customers for free recycling of hard to recycle items including razors, plastics, metals, glass, pens, snack wrappers, oral care waste and packaging and beauty products and packaging. 

Ecologyst is a sustainable Canadian clothing brand makes small batch clothing out of all-natural materials such as ZQ Merino Wool, Donegal Wool, GOTS Organic Cotton, Waxed Organic Cotton, and Ventile. Their clothes are made to be durable and withstand rough outdoor conditions in any weather. Ecologyst also guarantees their clothing for life, meaning that if any issues arise with their materials (a zipper breaks, a sweater snags, etc) you can send the clothing back to them and it will either get fixed for free, or if it cannot be fixed, they’ll replace it with something comparable. 

The Great North is a Bluesign certified Canadian-based sustainable fashion brand the manufactures activewear, swimwear, casual outdoor clothing, blankets, and more. Their clothing is hand-made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled plastic. Their mailers are 100% compostable and only use recycled paper and recycled cardboard. All “The Great North” Factories and Facilities are powered using solar energy and their in-house filtration uses 7x less water which equates to less water wasted. They are dedicated to implementing fair, equitable, and cruelty free standards in all of their clothing manufacturing facilities and branding. 10% of their profit goes towards: Planting trees & preserving our lands, Removing garbage from our oceans, and Contributing to a sustainable environment. Get 30% at their store by using the code: GreenUR.